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Neil Gaiman

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Seriously this is Vogue Paris now? If there was no money, I’d understand, but frankly, I’ve seen many many excellent editorials with little / no money. (And I can’t imagine that that’s the case with Vogue Paris…) Because then comes creativity and clever problem solving and imaginative use of what little the team has…

But using the very same shoe twice?? Using the same (quite ugly and boring - was there any point in it I missed?) bed as ‘set design’ without even moving the (ugly and boring) pillows on it? Shooting two sets with the same fridge and table, again, without re-arranging anything? And the same car twice? Maybe it’s my fault, but I can’t see any concept behind it, only laziness and the lack of any thought and creativity…

Please try and make an effort. Thousands of people are looking up to Vogue Paris as the non plus ultra in terms of a fashion magazine, so I think it’d be very nice if people there would try a little bit harder to deserve the admiration.

Of course if I’m looking at it from an outsider point of view, the whole concept of shooting people in silly clothes is quite ridiculous, so equally pointless is to make a fuss about bad set design and lazy styling. However, these ‘fashion people’ in many cases expect to being taken so very seriously, but then I, the consumer, expect that they try to show me their very best month after month and not feeding me with such a low level of job that any aspiring amateur team could easily surpass.

(Update: same earring three (!!!) times, same hair piece twice.)

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The Serpetine Dance by Auguste & Louis Lumiere, 1896

Kirsi Pyrhonen for Samuji Fall/Winter 2013 by Johnny Kangasniemi

Kirsi Pyrhonen for Samuji Fall/Winter 2013 Collection by Johnny Kangasniemi